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2019/12/17 5:14:43 AM UTC

Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus: The Weather
A classic #weirdrap album. In case you haven't listened, and you like somewhat whimsical, abstract, experimental rap music, I highly recommend it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCqwqQYxy7k&list=PL8DDA068628B95CD5

2019/12/11 7:49:18 AM UTC

I'm a serious nerd when it comes to what I'd call weird rap music. I eventually want to have podcast and record label called Weird Rap but at this point I've just been concentrating on making posts on Reddit and FB about various experimental or otherwise out-of-the-ordinary rap artists and music. On Reddit and FB I've started some groups that I'm trying to build some community around, encouraging people to converse and make their own posts on the subject. And now I guess I'm going to try and start something on the Fediverse, which I suppose will be built around the hashtag weirdrap. I'll let people know about new and old releases, posting links to videos, albums, etc. And I encourage you to do it yourself if you like. If you want to check out the groups I started they're at http://reddit.com/r/weirdrap and http://facebook.com/groups/weirdrap. They're mostly just me posting but other people have been contributing a bit. I sometimes try to encourage community engagement by asking a question. Today I ask what is one of your favorite weird rap albums of all time? I don't have a #1, and it depends on my mood, but I'll just say Clipping: Splendor & Misery is probably in my top 10. It tells a cryptic sci-fi tale with lots of noise/static and superfast abstract raps. Here's a link to it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpXiEb2KVoY

2019/12/09 2:49:14 AM UTC

re: I guess I'll promote my new album.
@bamfic :D <3

2019/12/07 8:38:13 PM UTC

re: I guess I'll promote my new album.
@greenjon Ah gee whiz, thank you buddy! You can also use it as a gigantic beer coaster

2019/12/06 10:50:17 AM UTC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2bNexAwz7U Hey what's up, let's see if anyone cares about this. I made this experimental rap song with Kool Keith. It's from my new album at http://thmole.bandcamp.com. Let me add some hashtags now. #weirdrap #altrap #rap #hiphop #experimentalmusic

2019/12/06 10:08:08 AM UTC

re: politics
@xj9 @kaikatsu @greenjon @liaizon Okey dokey. Too bad impeachment doesn't actually mean anything.

2019/12/06 10:07:11 AM UTC

@xj9 @liaizon @greenjon No, I think he's still gonna run again even if he's impeached.

2019/12/05 3:55:48 PM UTC

I guess I'll promote my new album.
I have a new album at http://thmole.bandcamp.com - the one in the upper left corner there. There's some music videos for it too, at http://youtube.com/whateveryourheartdesires I suppose I'll add some hashtags and keywords? It has Kool Keith on it. #koolkeith I'm starting this new "brand" on various social media platforms called Weird Rap so #weirdrap. It also has Myka 9 of Freestyle Fellowship and Project Blowed. But it's mostly instrumental music kind of based on Japanese experimental #footwork. It's mostly just #experimentalmusic of no specific genre. You could call it EDM or IDM but I don't think you'd really want to dance to it unless you were all drugged up. Anyway I think it's a really good album. My best album yet. I worked very hard on it. Thanks for your attention. Oh it's on #illuminatedpaths, #hecticrecs, #fukduprecords and #motionrecordings and it's on digital and #vinyl. You really should buy it because I'm broke and there are 200 of these fucking records. Now I'll add some emojis: 💇 🐄The end.

2019/12/05 3:07:13 PM UTC

@greenjon Here's my harebrained prediction. Biden is just a red herring to distract us. The Dems have willfully been playing up the whole Biden-Ukraine thing, meanwhile he's clearly demonstrating over and over that his brain is mush, that he's racially and socially clueless. They're planning to dump him eventually. They're currently using Buda-however you spell it to act as an additional distraction before they knock him out, so that there's less scrutiny on Booker. They want Booker because he's ready to be a spineless puppet and reminds them of Obama. They're using Warren to try and pretend that there's a far-left alternative to Bernie and avoid talking about him but they don't want her to be Pres. Yang is a grassroots-fueled wildcard and they'll only choose him if Booker totally fucks up. Bernie will lose the nomination but #WriteInBernie will gain a huge amount of support. Then #WriteInYang will unfortunately detract from his support. So it will be Booker vs Trump vs massive write-in voting for Bernie and Yang, and it will be very close. If Booker wins there will be widespread discontent and mild depression but no Trump at least. If Yang wins there will be minor discontent but a lot of people happy about $1000/month. If either Bernie or Trump wins there will be massive outcries of voter tampering and major civil unrest.

2019/12/05 2:36:14 PM UTC

OH neat I logged in
What's up world

2019/06/18 5:26:13 AM UTC

@liaizon Ah yeah.. How do I post dumb emojis on here