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RSI is the first time I'm running up against my own mortality, and it's frightening

@brandon I feel you.

I had RSI at age 25 so it really didn't impact my sense of mortality, but it sure kicked my ass into a rapid and major effort to change my ergonomics. So far so good.

What threw me into mortality mode was my eyesight going, then my memory going a year later, then parts of my reproductive system going a year after that, then my energy level dropping dramatically, and finally my mental health spiraling. My late 40s were kind of a miserable time.

It gets better though. I've learned how to extract joy and contentment from everything.

@bamfic @brandon I started having RSI issues around the same age. Switching hardware helped immensely (in the end, it wasn't special expensive ergonomic keyboards but a normal MacBook one).

Various health problems definitely start showing up from late 30s on. I think people ignore mortality until too late.

@bamfic 26 here so not that far off, though I hope and pray I don't go down that same path so early :/

@tomosaigon @brandon Youth is wasted on the young?

@brandon I use a really nice split keyboard and vertical mouse, just to fight off the chance of RSI. I messed up my wrist pretty bad while lifting and had to go to the physical therapist. Ever since then I've been pretty cautious.



@kylejj that looks like a really nice keyboard, but it's just a little bit outside my price range, I'm gonna be opting for the Microsoft sculpt

At work until I get the ergonomic keyboard I've started using the Windows 10 dictation feature, and so far it's going pretty well. I didn't think that windows would have this good of voice recognition especially compared to windows 7's voice recognition feature. It was actually my boss that suggested this, and I'm surprised that I didn't think of it before. this entire toot was dictated with Windows 10. My favorite part though is that it doesn't just cut off the music, it only lowers the volume.

@kylejj by the way, was the injury from a competition or something?

@brandon No, I don’t compete. I injured my wrist and elbow from doing heavy weight incline dumbbell press. If you do any chest press, go down to 90 degrees in your elbow. Any lower and you risk pulling something. Pic attached is an example of what not to do. I now wear wrist wraps while doing these.

I spend +10 hours a day at a computer. I know that keyboard is spendy but anything you use that much, you shouldn’t cheap out on. I do like the Sculpt though. I use a standing desk and take hourly walks which helps. My chiropractor noticed my back straightening out because I have been standing more. I don't have any wrist pain. I follow this as well.


@kylejj wow so not even during a stressful situation, just doing your regular workout

@kylejj thankfully I already follow that, I actually recently got a standing desk due to the pandemic, how much do you think the standing portion would help with the wrists specifically

@brandon The wrong form, stressful or not, can really mess you up. You live and learn!