S.P.A.Z. On the Fediverse

2020/01/10 10:22:45 PM UTC

TIL that in the US, you can get advertisers to stop sending you physical mail by telling the post office "that you, *in your own discretion*, believe [the advertisements] to be 'erotically arousing or sexually provocative.'" (Emphasis mine.)

USPS and the advertiser are not legally allowed to contest this.

So if you tell them that CreditOne mailings just make you *too horny*...


2020/01/11 1:20:56 AM UTC

@noelle i just have this thing with variable interest rates STOP KINKSHAMING ME

2020/01/11 5:24:52 PM UTC

@noelle @technomancy finally, a way to unsubscribe from the uline catalog

2020/01/11 1:09:12 PM UTC

@noelle Why is america like this? In germany you can just put a *no advertisements* sticker on your mailbox. And if you still receive ads you can go to court.

2020/01/11 11:26:30 PM UTC

@kOcto @noelle FREE DUMB. We're FREE to be DUMB.