S.P.A.Z. On the Fediverse

2019/07/28 2:19:10 AM UTC

Hey would anyone want some single board computers I’ve got kicking around? I have 2 Pi 3s and 2 CHIPs that I’d gladly donate for the price of shipping.

2019/07/28 2:29:10 AM UTC

I'm interested in those chips. Do you happen to have an hdmi or VGA dip with those?

2019/07/28 2:40:54 AM UTC

@kelbot no dips unfortunately. Only have one composite cable, too.

2019/07/28 2:42:08 AM UTC

@bnys I too have one remaining Pi 3 (with nice metal case) I'd love to get rid of.

2019/07/28 2:37:49 PM UTC

No worries. Well I'll take them if they're still up for grabs.

2019/07/28 3:45:25 PM UTC

@kelbot dm me your address and I'll get them out and let you know the shipping cost